Welcome to CommiesInThe.US, where we expose the Commie B.S. in the U.S.

This site was created to inform people in the United States, and everywhere else, about the very real and present threat that Communism and its kin pose to the United States, and freedom loving people everywhere. While we focus on the United States here, rest assured, the Commie horde is coming for us all.

Above is an interview with an actual Soviet commie propagandist (defected) conducted in 1984. We believe everyone should be required to watch it, because those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Much like the Nazis did not all die with the end of the Third Reich, the Marxist-Leninist commies did not die with the end of the Soviet Union. Now partnered with the (Marxist-Leninist-)Maoists in the Chinese Communist Party, all of the evils of the past century have come together to try to stamp out what is left of the United States as the world’s symbol of freedom and liberty.

The commies do not bring this fight with soldiers, tanks or bombs. This war is an ideological war, and the battlefield is in your mind.

The attacks are constant and from every side. Whether it’s from TV, radio or the Internet, the commies are there 24×7 to tell us what it is safe to see, hear and think. The commies are always there to remind us that we should all distrust each other, especially those who think differently than we do. The commies remind us that if someone does think differently than we do, that probably makes them racist.

The commies tell us that the “atomic family” is an archaic idea, now far too stifling to its members. The commies tell us that traditional morality is an outmoded concept left over from outmoded religions. The commies tell us that we need have no morality at all, because life is an evolutionary accident. The commies tell us that child development, not biology, determines gender. The commies tell you to believe in Scientism, even though it isn’t science at all.

If all that weren’t enough, the commies also want what you have. It doesn’t matter what you have, commies want it because you have it, and they don’t. Commies don’t believe in personal property. In Commieland no one owns anything, but somehow everyone gets what they need.

If all of this sounds too ridiculous to be true, we respond that the truth is often stranger than fiction.

Believe it or not, Communism enjoys support from educated imbeciles in the highest levels of government, academia and public influence circles. These groups, of course, represent the very cultural forces the proletariat was supposed to overthrow and crush.

Karl Marx 001.jpg
Over-educated soho attic dweller, Karl Marx
Image: Wikipedia

It is the mission of this website to entertain while it informs. It seeks to force you to think in ways that you may find uncomfortable; an exercise beneficial to the intellect. Enjoy.

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