Commies in our Communities Klaus' Great Reset The Specter of COVID

Cities “Improved” by COVID Lockdowns

Klaus Schwab and the commie globalists are happy that the COVID pandemic has happened. Even before the COVID pandemic was a reality, Klaus and his commie pals were performing a dress rehearsal at EVENT-201. You see, Klaus has wanted to reset the world’s economies since before COVID-19. In 2017, Klaus published a book called “The […]

Commies in our Communities The Facemask Fiasco

Globalist Commies hold community hostage

It might seem unlikely to find globalist commies as prominent members of society in the mid-western United States, but there is a communist clique in control of several communities in southwestern Missouri. In this post we uncover them, and their plans for the area. In the summer months of 2020, Springfield Missouri area health leaders […]