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Just when I was sure that the only people reading this website were Tongzhi agents (Chinese comrades) of the Chinese Communist Party at Baidu, along comes an email. A tip from a reader unknown to us points to activity in Idaho. It is our policy to address any communication we receive. Simply supply a self addressed stamped envelope. A reply is guaranteed.

Settle in folks. This is something.

Having removed the senders email address for privacy reasons, below is the email as we received it.

From: [REDACTED] <x@yyy.zzz>
Subject: commies in Idaho

Ammon Bundy is running for gov in Idaho. He has tried to attend, open to the public, daily government activity. They have arrested him six times. The government at the state house in Idaho looks guilty of something. A CCP industrial city was planned for the Boise area in the recent past. The locals cried fowl. Looks like a CCP connection. Here is a video showing State police arresting Ammon.

[Video link below]

We received this email the morning of August 5. At that time we had no conscious recollection of Ammon Bundy, or having ever heard anything about him. After having spent the day learning about Mr. Bundy I now come before you with what I have learned.

When researching anything new the first thing to do is head over to Wikipedia for the left’s version of history. This sets a person up to be shocked into thinking of Mr. Bundy what most people who use Wikipedia in this way will think. Contrary to what some commentators believe, we evaluate many viewpoints, especially the ones we are least likely to agree with.

Nevada Range War

Wikipedia introduces us to Ammon Bundy in the context of the “range war” incidents involving Ammon’s father, Cliven Bundy, and the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over unpaid cattle grazing fees.

According to Wikipedia, the Bundy family had grazed cattle on BLM land in Nevada beginning in the 1950’s. In 1989 the federal government declared the area a refuge for a desert tortoise and plans begin to make the area unavailable for cattle grazing.

Then, in 1993, the husband of well known 1960’s radical Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected to the office of President of the United States. That same year the elder Bundy stopped paying his range fees to the federal government. And we all know how much federal agencies like that.

Over the next 21 years Cliven Bundy would go back and forth with BLM about these cattle and range fees. The Bundys held that the federal government had no authority under the Constitution to control land. It followed then, claimed the Bundys, that they did not owe any range fees. This continued until, in 2014, the Bundys, some of their supporters, and federal agents all ended up in an armed standoff. Apparently rifles were pointed by and at all sides, and the situation nearly got completely out of hand. A few people died in the tension.

At this point the federal agents back down to prevent further carnage. This was probably the sensible thing to do. It was certainly more sensible than people dying over a bunch of cows and turtles…

Ammon Bundy was wrapped up in all this mess with his family. Somehow, in spite of everything the commie fascists (it can be both) in the federal government did to try to ruin Ammon Bundy and the rest of his family, the Bundy family was acquitted of all charges involving the cattle dispute.

All charges.

Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge

Then in 2016 there was a militia disturbance in Oregon. This was not a big news story when it was unfolding, though it did make the national cycle at some point.

The media, naturally, told the tale of a group of unstable ranchers and militia men from Nevada who had taken over a federal facility and were holding it hostage. The issue at hand? Federal arson charges for the Hammond family for setting fires which burned onto NFS land. The feds claimed that the Hammonds set the fires on purpose. The Hammonds maintained innocence throughout.

Ammon Bundy and the militia occupied the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge in protest of the government’s actions against the Hammonds.

Ammon Bundy, again, somehow avoided conviction of any wrongdoing in connection with the Malhuer occupation after he turned himself over to authorities peacefully.

COVID-19 Restrictions

Now that we have a thorough introduction to Mr. Bundy we can return to the email sent to ComiesInThe.US. The email included a link to a video which describes events in 2020, apparently surrounding Mr. Bundy’s refusal to don a pneumonia maker face covering. We include that video now.

Ammon Bundy for Governor

It is now 2021, and Ammon Bundy is making friends at the Idaho State Capitol again.

Mr. Bundy went to the Capitol to watch a special session of the Idaho legislature. Mr. Bundy attended the special session to participate in the legislative process. This is Mr. Bundy’s legally protected right. Mr. Bundy is a resident of Idaho, a fact confirmed on his Wikipedia page. Wikipedia also include the square footage of the Bundy family house, presumably so that you will judge his house to be too large.

Mr. Bundy has been arrested multiple times for trespassing at the State Capitol of Idaho. The Idaho State Police, led by a man identifying himself as Sargent Blake Hinkley “with the Idaho State Police” arrested Mr. Bundy for trespass.

Mr. Bundy responds to the Idaho State sponsored jack-booted-thugs.

In this video at 38:10 Mr. Bundy describes being attacked by a man in Idaho State Police uniform. The attack as described is reminiscent of a assassination tactic rumored to be popular with intelligence agents. The attack targets the carotid sinus area and involves disrupting signals between the victim’s brain and heart. While the effectiveness of the technique is a matter of some debate, medical experts warn of the dangers of incorrectly performed “Carotid Sinus Massage”, including cardiac arrest.

Massage of the carotid sinus is contraindicated in patients with diseased carotid arteries because of the risk of cerebrovascular accident. In rare instances, carotid sinus massage may initiate ventricular tachycardia.

So who is Ammon Bundy?

What to make of all this then? Who is Ammon Bundy?

The commies would have us believe that Mr. Bundy is part of the “white nationalist” threat that we have covered previously. Wikipedia leans heavily on Cliven Bundy’s reputation, which is complete with condemnation of “racist comments” made by the elder Bundy in 2014. We are told that the Bundys are dangerous anti-government weirdos.

Sargent Hinkley certainly seems to think so. I wonder how Mr. Hinkley would enjoy working for Mr. Bundy?

Mr. Ammon Bundy has announced that he will run for the office of Governor of Idaho in the coming election. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if he won the office and became Mr. Hinkley’s boss? Given Mr. Bundy’s small government proclivities, and that Mr. Bundy would control the Idaho State Patrol’s budget, perhaps Mr. Hinkley could benefit from meditation on where, exactly, his paycheck comes from.

Getting to know Mr. Ammon Bundy for this post was an interesting bit of research. I will stop short of telling people for whom they should vote because that doesn’t help anything. What I will do is encourage voters in Idaho to get to know Mr. Bundy before they next cast their votes. There is nothing the bad politicians fear more than an informed public.

 How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin. 

Ronald Reagan

Good luck to the people of the state of Idaho. May the people be informed and may the best governor win.

Now to look into that CCP industrial city in Idaho …

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