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Let the Gun Grabbing Begin!

China Joe Biden announced new gun grabbing measures at a press conference this week. The news follows the predicted mass shooting events that would be highly politicized to engender support for gun restrictions.

China Joe referenced two recent gun violence events in his remarks this week; the not-racially-motivated massage parlor shootings in Atlanta, and another at a grocery store in Colorado, known for mass shootings.

Ghost Guns

A “ghost gun” is a gun without a serial number, usually constructed from a parts kit available online.

Much more need be done, but the first — first, I want to rein in the proliferation of so-called “ghost guns.” These are guns that are homemade, built from a kit that include the directions on how to finish the firearm. You can go buy the kit. They have no serial numbers, so when they show up at a crime scene, they can’t be traced.

And the buyers aren’t required to pass a background check to buy the kit to make the gun. Consequently, anyone — anyone from a criminal to a terrorist can buy this kit and, in as little as 30 minutes, put together a weapon.

Joseph Robinette Biden Junior

Here is a video detailing the process of machining one of these “ghost gun” kits.

Contrary to Joe’s opinion, building a “ghost gun” requires considerably more resource and skill than the ability to operate a credit card. These are not the guns being used in gun crimes.

Pistol Braces to the NFA list

Mr. Biden also wants to add pistol stabilizers to the list of items restricted under the National Firearms Act. These devices would now carry the same federal ramifications for possession as suppressors and grenade launchers.

Red Flag Laws for Everyone

Biden is proposing “red flag” laws from the federal level down. These laws would allow police, family or anyone else to petition the courts to remove a person’s access to firearms. This, Biden claims, would prevent many of the suicides in the United States. Using Joe logic, removing the firearm will remove suicide as a possibility.

Biden’s Uninspired God

The most telling display of Biden’s complete lack of leadership potential was this comment regarding firearms manufacturers:

Imagine how different it would be had that same exemption been available to tobacco companies who knew — who knew and lied about the danger they were causing — the cancer caused and the like. Imagine where we’d be.

But this is the only outfit that is exempt from being sued. If I get one thing on my list — the Lord came down and said, “Joe, you get one of these” — give me that one. (Applause.) Because I tell you what, there would be a “come to the Lord” moment these folks would have real quickly. But they’re not. They’re not. They’re exempt.

Joseph Robinette Biden Junior

First, it is not true that firearms manufacturers are the only group immune from prosecution in the United States. Vaccine manufacturers also enjoy immunity from prosecution for damages resulting from their products.

More importantly though, is what this statement says about Joe Biden’s imagination.

If Biden’s Catholic God, the Lord of all the created universe, were to appear in person to our supposedly duly elected president, the best that President could think to ask for to stop the “gun violence epidemic” that is such an “international embarrassment” is for God to make it possible to sue the gun companies.

Brilliant use of your time with The Creator, Joe. What a brilliantly stupid thing to say.

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Instead of Soviet fascism, bring on the Right’s new-age fascism, right? :eyeroll:

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