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Disarming America

While Democrat controlled cities around the country burned down during riots protests last year, then presidential candidate Joseph Robinette Biden Junior was making promises to gun control advocacy groups about the “common sense” gun control changes that a Biden admin would bring to the Divided States of America.

China Joe’s plan, if it can be called Joe’s plan at all, is a rollup of every gun-grabber idea to have received attention since the Clinton era gun ban expired in 2004. China Joe even made sure to get a letter in to the editor of the New York Times, well known as the news outlet of the average American, even before his campaign began packing rally venues. The op-ed piece uses the same emotional arguments to make the case for legal change.

It’s within our grasp to end our gun violence epidemic and respect the Second Amendment, which is limited.

What the … ? The Second Amendment is not limited.

As a reminder, the text of the Second Amendment reads:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

United States Constitution

The “shall not be infringed” clause is what is at issue. It is this clause that decided what should have been the “common sense” legal case of D.C. v Heller in which the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the right to protect one’s own life is a natural right belonging to all people, and that the blanket gun ban in effect in Washington D.C. was what? That’s right — Unconstitutional.

How is it, then, that China Joe plans to enact this portion of his assault on everything real Americans value? His campaign website lays out the plan, and reports following a virtual meeting with “gun control advocacy groups” certainly make the gun grabbers sound optimistic.

Gun violence may not be in the headlines today or right now, but gun violence continues to fracture American communities and American families every single day. Last year, we saw a historic spike in homicides across America. And we know gun violence in our cities disproportionately affects black and brown individuals. Last month, we also saw a near record increase in the number of gun sales.

Last year did see a historic spike in homicides across America, but that is a half-truth. The whole truth is that the increase in violence happened, but it happened most acutely in major cities, most with strict gun control laws already in place. Reason has an especially enlightening article on this subject.

And we do know that gun violence disproportionately affects black and brown individuals, but this, too, is a half-truth.

DIsarming America

Violence, gun or otherwise, disproportionately affects black people in that they commit more murders than any other group in the United States. Their victims are predominantly other black people. The FBI has this and many other helpful statistics that you are unlikely to learn of during a Biden press briefings which prefer “truth over facts”.

The fact, and truth, is that China Joe is no stranger to gun control advocacy group influence. While occupying the office of Vice President in 2013, Biden was tasked with “preventing gun violence” after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords. One wonders why preventing gun violence only became a priority in Obama’s second term after a sitting Representative was shot, as if mass shootings only started happening after 2010. For a refresher on what Obama/Biden were planning to do, review “Now Is The Time”.

Since then apparently wasn’t the time, even amid the shooting of a U.S. Representative, and that following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the gun grabbers have been waiting for the day that they could renew their quest to disarm America. Now, apparently, is the time.

For real. This time.

Joe’s pals in the Congress have already set the stage. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee has introduced H.R.127 – Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act. The mind fairly boggles at the idea that someone elected in the state of Texas could conceive of such a bill, but there it is, intent to infringe upon the Second Amendment in ways that should see the bill laughed out of the Capitol.

Under the plan, gun owners would pay a yearly fee of $800 to the federal government for application fees. The applicant and their family members must submit to psychological evaluations and background checks. The applicant can not buy, sell or transfer any firearms or ammunition without notifying the federal government. All “assault weapons” will need to be be registered the same way that machine guns must be today, presumably with the thousands of dollars in associated NFA tax fees. And, lastly, the program would create a national database of every gun owner, and the guns that they own. It would then make this database available to the general public, which totally won’t lead to a series of burglaries seeking to burgle firearms.

What could go wrong?

The stage is set. Biden has the gun control groups on speed dial, and the legislation is already written. All China Joe and his pals need now is some poor schmuck to make into a media spectacle the way that they have with the event that was decidedly not an insurrection. The only better scapegoat would be multiple scapegoats who just happen to be white. The media would insist, more loudly than they already so, that middle America is nothing more than white nationalist “domestic terrorists”.

Whatever they number, future gun violence will be used as political pressure to enact another pointless assault weapons ban like the one from 1994, which was also passed as a stupid knee-jerk response, and did nothing to curb violent crime.

Because it’s not about crime, and never has been. Criminals break the law, that’s what makes them criminals. Prosecuting and removing criminals from society is how we get less crime. Making more laws only leads to more criminals, but perhaps that is the point.

China Joe Biden and his supporters in D.C. have made it abundantly clear that they are at war with the American people who voted for “the other guy”. Biden’s renewed attack on the Second Amendment is the latest chapter in the playbook to criminalize the values that made America great, and to prosecute those who dare defy the ruling class in Washington.

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