Commies in government

Let the Gun Grabbing Begin!

China Joe Biden announced new gun grabbing measures at a press conference this week. The news follows the predicted mass shooting events that would be highly politicized to engender support for gun restrictions. China Joe referenced two recent gun violence events in his remarks this week; the not-racially-motivated massage parlor shootings in Atlanta, and another […]

Commies in Congress Commies in government Communism

Disarming America

While Democrat controlled cities around the country burned down during riots protests last year, then presidential candidate Joseph Robinette Biden Junior was making promises to gun control advocacy groups about the “common sense” gun control changes that a Biden admin would bring to the Divided States of America. China Joe’s plan, if it can be […]

Commies in Congress Commies in government

National Guard Realizes Their Role As Useful Idiots

In a series of events that shocked no one who has been paying attention, the Congress Critters in Washington D.C. have let our volunteer military know how much they appreciate their service to the United States’ “temple of democracy”. It seems that after the inauguration, Capitol Police told the National Guard that they needed to […]