Commies in our Communities

Commie of the week, Jan 15, 2021

This week’s commie of the week is a whopper. It is rare to see this kind of honesty from a commie, which explains the hidden camera video.

The video from Project Veritas shows Michael Beller, former “principal council” for the Public Broadcasting Service, or PBS. PBS, despite having the word public as part of their name, is not a government run broadcasting company. PBS is actually a nonprofit corporation, which means that it is illegal for them to advance, or even have a political agenda.

We are not suggesting that Beller’s disgusting rhetoric is shared by PBS. Indeed PBS was quick to distance themselves from Beller, issuing a statement via Twitter.

While PBS condemns Beller’s comments, the comments themselves are telling. This individual is (was) a respected attorney in the echelons of PBS. A person who talks about topics like this in public eating establishments around other people undoubtedly expresses their opinions in the workplace. This kind of loathing of a group of people is so strong that Beller probably can’t help himself from talking about it.

This is the result of targeted news.

People like this live in echo-chambers of their own making, helped immensely in the task by “social media” and info-tainment outlets like CNN. They have the same poisonous narrative pushed into their mind repetitively for months or years until it becomes a kind of religious conviction that they are holy warriors saving children from people too stupid to know how to raise their own children.

This is an example of America’s intellectual elite at their absolute worst. As we said earlier, it really is rare to see this kind of candid honesty from a “liberal”.

And that’s why Michael Beller is a deplorable human being, and our commie of the week!

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