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Media Double Speak by KY3 and Grey Media

A resident in the area of Springfield Missouri sent us two video recordings related to a story on their local KY3 news hour this morning. It seems that even when ky3 tries to report the thinly veiled truth about the so-called coronavirus “pandemic”, the powers that be demand that the news be restructured to better suit the local government’s [global commie reset] agenda.

Our first video is the segment which aired at the top of the eight o’clock news hour. The video is close captioned, but we have presented portions of the transcript below for discussion. All emphasis in the transcript is mine.

Maria Neider, KY3 anchor: “Springfield hospitals are feeling the impact of of holiday travel now; they’re seeing more COVID-19 TESTS come back positive. Raquel Harrington shares front line workers’ plea to the community as they work to contain this virus. Raquel?”

Raquel Harrington, KY3 reporter: “Hey Maria, that’s right. I actually spoke to both Mercy and Cox Health hospitals, and they each saw a decrease in cases before the holidays, but now since everyone is returning back from work, and going back to school, they say there has been an uptick in positive cases that they are seeing.

I actually caught up with Lacy Phillips with Mercy, and she said the rise in hospitalizations typically follows spike in positive results. So, although recovery chances are high, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take this seriously.

If you have traveled, be sure to quarantine. And for everyone else, Cox Health’s Steve Edwards says, “the reality of this pandemic is that we are all carrying each others’ risk, therefore we have to be safe and cautious no matter what.” Edwards said, “this is the most dangerous time for the disease because it’s most prolific in our community right now. So, although masks are not perfect, they are extremely helpful.”

Steve Edwards, Cox Health CEO: “… it’s not perfect. The disease is probably becoming more infectious. That probably makes a mask even less effective. But we know that it’s the best tool that we have, and uh, so we should still use that. We should still distance. We should still do hygiene.”

Lacy Phillips, executive director of quality and safety with Mercy: “Because it may not be that COVID will affect us individually, but we could pass that on to someone else who may not have the same outcome as what we may, if we were infected.”

Raquel Harrington: “Now, we have more preventative measure that you all can take to keep your communities safe, keep you safe, keep your loved ones safe, and, of course, our front line workers safe. For now, live in Springfield, I’m Raquel Harrington.”

Did you notice all of the hospital beds that do not have people dying of COVID-19 in them? In fact, let’s review the facts of the report above very closely, because the news crew at Ky3 showed a surprising attempt at journalistic integrity for a moment in that report.

The report begins, if you are listening carefully, that Springfield hospitals are seeing a rise in positive COVID-19 TEST RESULTS. The report then goes on to say that area hospital are ANTICIPATING a surge in patients, but have not yet actually experienced that influx of patients.

To summarize the report, Steve Edwards and his troop of politicians masquerading as doctors continue to hold the Springfield area hostage with their completely unfounded and unethical medical experiment.

As we all should know by now, the tests being used to drive the COVID hysteria are not only wildly innacurate (PDF), but they become more inaccurate as actual cases of COVID go down.

Positive COVID test results have been used for months to justify lockdown orders, face mask mandates and shabby treatement of people who choose not to bow to the societal pressure to walk around wearing a device which restricts their breathing.

Using the wildly inaccurate test results leads to wildly inaccurate data. If the data is wildly inaccurate due to poor testing, how can decisions made from that data be informed and accurate? Obviously, they can’t, but don’t tell Steve Edwards, or the recently retired directory of Greene County’s Health Department.

Don’t tell Grey Media either, apparently. The journalistic integrity to tell the truth, however unpleasant, seems to have taken leave at Grey. This is the same story 30 minutes later, updated to better reflect the narrative.

Maria Neider, KY3 anchor: “Springfield health leaders warned us about a possible spike in COVID-19 cases from holiday travel. Now Cox and Mercy hospitals have seen an increase of a little more than ten percent so far this year. We’re told the coming weeks are the most crucial because they will see more hospitalizations following that spike in coronavirus cases. So they’re urging everyone to take preventative measures seriously.”

Steve Edwards, Cox Health CEO: “I just encourage people to continue to be safe. This is the most dangerous time of the disease because it it’s most prolific in our community right now.”

Lacy Phillips, executive director of quality and safety with Mercy: “Really making sure that we’re making concerted efforts as a community to mask, social distance and, and really look at, at the activities that we’re doing on a daily basis.”

Maria Neider, KY3 anchor: “More than twenty four hundred COVID-19 cases have been reported in Springfield and Greene County this month.

The first story is a story about a hospital head who wants to scare the local people into wearing masks and social distancing. In the second video version, as well as the online version of this story, Ky3 presents a story of a hospital system overrun with coronavirus cases.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you perform the double speak shuffle.

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