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Greene County Health Department Accidentally Admits Facemaks Are Ineffective

While researching another post on this site we uncovered an admission of guilt by the city of Springfield, Missouri. In a document prepared for area businesses, Springfield health officials accidentally admit that face masks are ineffective in slowing the spread of COVID-19. The document also exposes several other falsehoods and misconceptions being perpetrated in area communities.

The document in question is titled “COVID-19 TOOLKIT FOR BUSINESSES & WORKPLACES”.

The first hint that something is amiss is on page three of the document.

Hold on. The public has been told for months that face masks were necessary when social distancing was not possible because they _were_ an effective measure against spreading the disease. Has the health department changed their collective mind?

Continuing to page four, we find helpful information regarding what to do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19. Ignoring the document’s indication that a positive test is a positive diagnosis (it isn’t), the document suggests that anyone in “close contact” with the test-positive employee should begin self quarantine while they wait for a call from the health department.

Just below this, we find an explanation of what close contact is:


Page five of the document goes on to restate the same things for employees exposed to COVID-19, which is to say, someone who has been in “close contact” with a positive individual. To restate, because it bears restating, “close contact” is defined as:

According to the Springfield Health Department it takes physically touching someone, or remaining within six feet of an individual for FIFTEEN MINUTES, regardless if they are wearing a mask, to be considered at risk for having contracted the virus, and to require self-quarantine. They meant it so much that they said it on two pages.

Then, on page six in the “COVID-19 FAQs FOR BUSINESSES”, which attempts to answer frequently asked questions to the department, we find this question and answer at the top of the list: page 6

What does this mean?

In case it isn’t glaringly obvious by now, this is the Springfield Health Department admitting the fact that they know masks do not work to slow the spread of COVID-19, or anything else.

It means that we need have no fear of the mask-less in public, because the masks do no good anyway.

It means that when you are in the grocery store you only need to avoid bumping into one another, and not hang around each other for more than fifteen minutes within a distance of six feet. And, again, it does not matter if we are wearing a mask.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the frequently asked question and answer on page seven indicates that the Health Department understands that COVID testing is wildly inaccurate, and prone to false positives. page 7

One wonders if the Health Department is aware that these same COVID-19 tests that they are utilizing to ruin peoples lives and livelihood have also been show so incredibly useless that they have detected COVID-19 in goats and fruit. Faulty test kits or no, COVID testing as a basis for public policy is a shaky foundation at best. It seems that the Springfield Health Department is aware.

If the tests don’t work, and the masks don’t work, and the same Health Department imposing the mandate admits to these facts in their own documentation … why is anyone in Springfield or the surrounding area still supporting this unethical medical experiment being perpetrated on the public?

The most ethical thing that these people could do would be to resign their posts. They have failed their community, and have made it clear that it was not due to ignorance of the facts.

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