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Kamala Harris Admits Marxist Agenda

Kamala Harris took to Twitter two days before the general election, apparently to remove any remaining doubt as to her Marxist plans for the United States.

This is Marxist nonsense through and through.

Marx Fails Econ101

The United Useful Idiots have bought into the most ridiculous notion that Marx ever put forth; the notion that without capitalism, humankind will eventually live in a perfected society where each person works according to their ability, and each person receives according to their need. Everyone will have everything they need, provided by those who are willing to meet the needs of everyone else.

If this sounds so preposterous that only imbeciles and intellectuals could believe it, well, I would direct you back to the Harris video above.

Only an imbecile, intellectual or commie (and it doesn’t have to be just one) could believe that “everyone starting from an equal footing” were possible to begin with.

It’s about giving people the resources and support they need so that everyone can be on equal footing, and then compete on equal footing. Equitable treatment means that we all end up at the same place

Kamala Harris

This is a mentality that is dishonest because it suggests that all people need to succeed is an equal place to start. This is simply not true.

Contrary to what the participation award generation has been told, we will not all grow up to be millionaires, or movie gods, or rock stars. Some people are naturally more intelligent than most. Some people are naturally more attractive than most. Some people are naturally stronger than most. But most importantly, some people are naturally more motivated than most. Some people just want it more, and they are the ones who have more.

Few people would entertain the Marxist nonsense if it were applied to an athlete who has a natural size/strength/speed advantage over the other competitors. This is why the standard is rarely applied in sports, except in cases where gender can somehow be exploited. Indeed, the Olympics would be pretty boring if everyone started from an equal footing. Maybe at the next Olympics we can have middle aged accountants participate in figure skating. Remove the barriers for these proud competitors to compete alongside athletes in their physical prime.

Equitable treatment for all!

The idea that the government – any government – can create social justice programs to make everyone equal is completely ridiculous. It is worthy of mockery that the masses of the United States believe that the Democrat Party is going to bring this equal equitable treatment, when it is they who have been creating or perpetuating the problem since the civil war.

There have always been those who seek to control those around them, and Kamala Harris is one of those people.

In the long ago kings and queens ruled from guarded palaces, fat and warm while the peasants worked to supply the food, heat and taxes to operate the kingdom. Justice was swift for anyone who dared defy the royal house. Everyone lived and died according to the decree of the royal decree.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The liberals are not interested in righting social injustices that they perpetrate. They want your money and your compliance so that they can continue to be more equal than the rest of us while we fight amongst ourselves about things that do not matter. Just like the days of old.

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